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We grow businesses online. It’s why we exist

How We Do It

Clever Digital Marketing works with small businesses and large corporations to scale the business development landscape on the digital side.

In 2018, we noticed something that many of our clients had problems with- They previously had a working relationship with an agency who executed on one side of the digital space [Google Ads Vs. Facebook Ads]. 

Which is fine.

The flaw behind that is that marketing requires a full system.

How long does it take to complete a sale?

How many touch points after a lead is captured do we often see a sale?

Referral systems to increase the LTV of your paid clients?

Which targeting gives us the greatest return on investment?

Retention strategies..

Retargeting strategies.

This changed our mission statement and the way we choose to work with our clients. No one gets a cookie cutter Facebook/Google marketing plan. It’s a comprehensive procedure to get you the best results by utilizing an A-Z marketing strategy.

Today, with Facebook ads, sales funnels, email marketing, SMS marketing; we are certain that this is what truly changes businesses and generates top performing sales.

Lower your Acquisition Costs while Raising Your Ad Budget and Scaling Your Revenue

One of the biggest mistakes that is made when it comes to Facebook advertising is focusing only on a “hot” audience. This is an audience that is ready to purchase immediately. (These are typically the people who are easier to convert quickly.)

However only approximately 3% of your potential customers will be “ready to purchase” or convert to a lead and 7% are open to the idea of your product or service, but not actively looking for it. And about 90% (the majority) don’t even know that they might need your product/service. It is our job to introduce them, and convince them that they do need what your business has to offer.

This is why concentrating all of your advertising efforts on the tiny percentages of your target audience just because they are closer to purchasing, is not the best strategy.

We use the methods listed below to infiltrate both the hot audience and to warm up the cold audiences simultaneously, maxing out on your potential customers, and therefore revenue.



With Facebook being one of the largest sites on the web, it provides us the opportunity to get our hands on our client’s most valuable personas.

Facebook ads allowed us to scale clients’ accounts from 0 to $100,000 in MRR.


Facebook & Instagram

Over the years, digital ad costs have been on the rise. We mitigate this problem with extensive testing periods to find and target your ideal audience, understand their behaviours, interests, common psychographics and thus, build a lead or purchase generating machine for your business.

Monitoring Crucial KPIs

Depending on your business type and your goals for digital marketing, crucial specific performance metrics will have a more significant impact on the success than others. We will find and meticulously monitor the highest performers for you without any monotonous work, to insure your growth.


We use detailed retargeting strategies to ensure that any and all audiences who have interacted with any of your ads, or visited any page related to your business, will continue to see ads tailored to convert them into paying customers for your business. Retargeting is a crucial part of all digital marketing efforts, and we have developed unique, proven strategies to ensure our clients success.

What We Do


This phase of our funnel concentrates on developing effective marketing campaigns based off of our consumer and client research for the particular client and industry. These campaigns feature in-depth testing to find the perfect, scalable ad for your business. This is where lead generation begins and many consumers enter your ecosystem.


This phase of our funnel focuses on consumer interest through engagement, introducing your positioning of the need and the desire for your specific product or service in the consumers life. They begin to express their interest and curiosity about your business. We will use emails, targeted content and other interest based strategies heavily in this phase.


As we move down in the pyramid, we begin to further demonstrate the features and benefits of your product/service to consumers. We push pain and emotion points to show them why they should heavily consider becoming a customer


Audiences will then begin to express their intent to buy your service or product. They are very warm leads at this point. In this phase, with sales for example, you will see add to carts and initiated checkouts. We use these actions and our data to our advantage to continue drawing them in further.


In doing so, we look to provide further social proof, offers, product demonstrations and more though retargeting campaigns to aid in pushing those warm audiences on the verge or purchasing but still show signs of slight hesitation. We address and resolve their objections in this phase.


Plain and simple, they purchase your service or product. In turn, bringing you financial growth and the ability to continue scaling your business.

How We Use Facebook Detailed Targeting to YOUR Advantage

Facebook advertising alone has the potential to not only convert 90% of your ‘not ready to purchase yet’ customers into paying customers, but also to find customers that didn’t know you existed and convert them to paying customers too. This is achieved by tailoring your ads and adapting them to your customers interests based on their specific data and patterns. To further demonstrate this, here is an example of the types of things you would need to consider when creating ad campaigns based on your industry.

A Jewelry store that specializes in high ticket engagement rings 

Should not:

  • Be targeting anyone who is single 
  • Targeting under the age of 24
  • Include audiences who are married

  • Target couples, girlfriend/boyfriend and related interests, statuses and behaviours
  • Target above 24 years old 
  • Target job based interests that are cohesive with your price range
  • Test targeting things like homeowners or renters (many people will buy a home or move in together before the engagement process)

Misuse, or avoiding the appropriate detail and interest targeting, is essentially just a waste of crucial ad budget.

“When we say we take care of it all, we truly do”

✔ Ad videos and images that stand out from your competitors, increasing industry dominance
✔ A copywriting formula which allows us to target buying and urgency emotions
✔ Tracking softwares like Hyros that allow us to refine our advertising data
✔ Crafting offers that make your competition look weak. We hate competition

Are you ready to accelerate your growth and scale the revenue for your business with Facebook and Google advertising?